Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

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  • Pınar Cihan Computer Engineering Department, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey



Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Agriculture


Sustainability is one of our most important global goals. To achieve this goal, many areas such as environmental awareness, efficient use of resources, and waste management need to be addressed. Artificial intelligence has become an important tool to achieve this goal by offering various applications in different sectors of sustainability. For example, artificial intelligence technologies can be used to produce sustainable solutions in areas such as energy and resource efficiency, agriculture, water management, waste management, and transportation. Additionally, artificial intelligence can also be used for monitoring and preventing environmental damage. However, there are potential risks of artificial intelligence technologies in sustainability. Therefore, in order to use artificial intelligence technologies in line with sustainability goals, ethical and legal regulations should be increased, as well as user awareness. This study presents a perspective on the importance and applications of artificial intelligence technologies in sustainability, and how these technologies can contribute to sustainability goals.




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