A Conspectus of PQD Analysis

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  • Sıtkı AKKAYA Sivas University of Science and Technology




Power Quality Analysis, Power Quality Disturbances, Experimental Setup, IEEE 1159, IEEE 1459


The sustainability of a stable voltage with consistent amplitude and frequency is paramount for power systems. Various standards, including IEC 61000-4-7, -15, and -30, and IEEE 1159, 1459, address power quality disturbances (PQDs). These standards establish rules and limitations for different voltage parameter values to ensure power system stability. Nevertheless, disturbances in the electrical power systems can cause fluctuations in voltage amplitude and fundamental frequency. These disturbances, such as sag, flicker, interruption, harmonics, swell, and interharmonics, may emerge in different combinations, yielding unpredictable and variable effects on the system components. Hence, conducting a comprehensive analysis and examination of these disturbances is crucial. Studying PQDs faces challenges in obtaining real datasets due to the randomness of power system events. As a result, there is an increasing need for experimental investigations to explore the complexities of these disturbances. The objective of this paper is to assist and enrich research on PQDs by delivering some knowledge of data and experimental arrangements. This paper will make easy further examination and exploration of PQDs. This will empower researchers to acquire profound understandings and devise efficient approaches to tackle these matters, contributing to improved power system performance.

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Sıtkı AKKAYA, Sivas University of Science and Technology

 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Turkey




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AKKAYA, S. (2023). A Conspectus of PQD Analysis. International Conference on Applied Engineering and Natural Sciences, 1(1), 325–329. https://doi.org/10.59287/icaens.1015