Investigation of the Effects of 0W20 and 10W40 Lubricating Oils on Cylinder Liner Wear

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  • Idris Cesur Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
  • Beytullah Eren Sakarya University



Cylinder Liner, Wear, Engine Oil, Wear Device


Proper lubrication regime in engines significantly impacts engine performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and environment. Lubrication regimes reduce friction between engine components, control wear, and ensure long-lasting parts. This study conducted experiments on a wear-testing device to determine the amount of wear between the piston ring and cylinder pair. The experimental work was performed at different loads and speeds. The tribological properties of 0W20 and 10W40 lubricating oils were examined in the study. As a result of the experimental work, when using 10W40 lubricating oil in the wear testing device, lower cylinder wear was observed compared to using 0W20 lubricating oil. The study found that the amount of wear increases as the load on the cylinder sample increases. The maximum cylinder wear was obtained under an 80N load. The minimum cylinder wear was determined under a 40N load. SEM images of the cylinder samples were also examined to determine the damage after wear.

Author Biographies

Idris Cesur, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences

Department of Mechanical Engineering/Faculty of Technology,  Türkiye

Beytullah Eren, Sakarya University

Department of Environmental Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, Türkiye

Halfeti Vocational School, Harran University, Halfeti, Şanlıurfa, Türkiye




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Cesur, I., & Eren, B. (2023). Investigation of the Effects of 0W20 and 10W40 Lubricating Oils on Cylinder Liner Wear. International Conference on Applied Engineering and Natural Sciences, 1(1), 88–92.