Stress Analysis of Belt Conveyor Roller Tube

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  • Ayberk Düzenli Kocaeli University
  • Okan Gül Kocaeli University



Roller, Belt Conveyor, Bearing, Stress Analysis, Deformation


Material transmission plays a crucial role in the industrial sector's economic landscape, and belt conveyors have emerged as highly efficient systems for continuous material transportation. These conveyors utilize rubber belts that facilitate the horizontal or inclined movement of materials. The primary objective is to transport materials from the loading point to the unloading point. This study focuses on the analysis of belt conveyors, specifically examining the utilization of reels and the significance of selecting suitable belt speeds. By employing advanced simulation software such as Ansys, the behavior of the reel under specific conditions was analyzed, and exaggerated images were utilized to visualize reel deformations. The findings indicate that the most significant deformation occurs at the center of the roller, while the highest stress values are concentrated near the bearings. To ensure efficient material transportation, it is imperative to understand and optimize the performance of belt conveyors. The selection of appropriate reels, belt speeds, and materials is crucial to maintain smooth operations and extend the system's service life. The insights gained from this research can guide decision-making processes, allowing industries to enhance efficiency and minimize maintenance costs. In conclusion, the selection of suitable components and a comprehensive understanding of reel behavior are key factors in improving belt conveyor systems. By employing advanced simulation tools and implementing effective strategies, industries can optimize material transportation processes, increase productivity, and minimize operational disruptions. Continuous improvement in design and maintenance practices will lead to streamlined operations and improved performance of belt conveyors.

Author Biographies

Ayberk Düzenli, Kocaeli University

Mechanical Engineering Department,  Türkiye

Okan Gül, Kocaeli University

Mechanical Engineering Department,  Türkiye




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Düzenli, A., & Gül, O. (2023). Stress Analysis of Belt Conveyor Roller Tube. International Conference on Applied Engineering and Natural Sciences, 1(1), 659–663.