Overview of Hydrogen Production by Electrochemical Method; Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Ayşe Elif ATEŞ Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa
  • Sinan ATEŞ Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa




Electrochemical, Hydrogen, Electrode, Electrocatalyst, Wastewater


Electrochemical methods are an important technology for environmentally friendly and sustainable hydrogen production. These methods are carried out using electrocatalysts and electrodes. In the hydrogen production process, hydrogen gas is obtained thanks to the electrochemical reactions that take place between the anode and cathode electrodes. On the anode side, hydrogen gas undergoes oxidation and dissociates into hydrogen ions. This reaction occurs when hydrogen molecules lose electrons. Electrocatalysts accelerate the oxidation reaction, enabling the active breakdown of hydrogen. On the cathode side, hydrogen ions and electrons combine to form hydrogen gas. Electrocatalysts increase efficiency by catalyzing the formation of hydrogen gas. Electrochemical hydrogen production is of great importance in reducing dependence on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting clean energy sources. These methods can use electricity from sources such as solar or wind energy, integrating with renewable energy sources. Electrochemical hydrogen production has advantages such as high efficiency, low emissions, low cost and wide applicability. However, difficulties may also be encountered, such as the activity and durability of electrocatalysts. Research and development focuses on discovering more efficient and economical electrocatalysts and improving the hydrogen production process. In conclusion, electrochemical methods are a promising technology for clean and sustainable hydrogen production and play an important role in the field of energy conversion.

Author Biographies

Ayşe Elif ATEŞ, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa

Department of Environmental Engineering, Turkey

Sinan ATEŞ, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa

Department of Environmental Engineering,  Turkey




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