Investigation of the Effect of Different Engine Oils on the Amount of Cylinder Liner Wear

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  • Idris Cesur Sakarya University of Applied Sciences



Cylinder Liner, Wear, 5W30 Engine Oil, 10W40 Engine Oil, SEM


In internal combustion engines, cylinder liner wear is a significant factor that adversely affects engine performance. The rough surfaces and geometric changes resulting from wear impede gas flow, reduce compression, and decrease combustion efficiency. This leads to a decrease in engine power, an increase in fuel consumption, and a loss of performance. Therefore, the control of cylinder liner wear and the use of appropriate lubricating oils are of great importance in enhancing motor performance. This study experimentally investigates the effects of different lubricants on cylinder liner wear in the context of internal combustion engines. The study is conducted under various loads and speeds. The commonly used 5W30 and 10W40 lubricating oils are employed as lubricants. Based on the results of the wear tests, it is observed that as the applied load on the cylinder liner increases, the wear amount also increases. Additionally, motor speed is identified as another influential parameter on wear amount. As the motor speed increases or decreases, the wear amount decreases or increases, respectively. The study reveals that the minimum wear amount is obtained with the 10W40 lubricating oil. Furthermore, SEM images are examined to assess the resulting damages on the cylinder liners after the wear tests.

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Idris Cesur, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences

Department of Mechanical Engineering/Faculty of Technology,  Türkiye




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Cesur, I. (2023). Investigation of the Effect of Different Engine Oils on the Amount of Cylinder Liner Wear. International Conference on Applied Engineering and Natural Sciences, 1(1), 242–246.