Vector space multisecret-sharing scheme based on Blakley’s method

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  • Selda Çalkavur Kocaeli University
  • Patrick Solé Aix Marseille University


Secret Sharing, Multisecret-Sharing Scheme, Ideal Scheme, Blakley Method, Vector Space


Secret sharing schemes were introduced by Adi Shamir and George Blakley, independently, in 1979. In a (k,n)- threshold secret sharing scheme, any set of at least k out of n participants can retrieve the secret but no set of (k-1) or less can. Shamir’s secret sharing scheme is more popular than Blakley’s, even though the former is more complex than the latter. The practical reason is that Blakley’s scheme lacks determined, general and suitable matrices. In this paper, we present a multisecret-sharing scheme based on vector spaces over Rn and use Blakley’s method. This scheme is ideal in the sense that the size of each secret equals the size of any share.

Author Biographies

Selda Çalkavur, Kocaeli University

Department of Mathematics/Faculty of Arts and Science,Turkey

Patrick Solé, Aix Marseille University

CNRS, I2M/Centrale Marseille, France


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