About the Conference Proceedings Series

  • The publication language of the journal: English and Turkish


    All Sciences Abstracts (AS-Abstracts) publishes regular research papers, reviews, letters, and communications covering all aspects of engineering and natural sciences. Our aim is to publish novel / improved methods/approaches of these field to benefit the community, open to everyone in need of them. There is no restriction on the length of the papers or colors used. The method/approach must be presented in detail so that the results can be reproduced. There are, in addition, three unique features of this Journal:

    • Manuscripts regarding research proposals and research ideas are welcome


    • Electronic files and software regarding the full details of the calculation and experimental procedure, if unable to be published in a normal way, can be deposited as supplementary material


    • We also accept manuscripts communicating to a broader audience with regard to research projects financed with public funds

    • It is an internationally indexed, nationally refereed, scientific and electronic journal that publishes original research articles aiming to contribute to the fields of Engineering and Science.

    • The journal is published as once in a month issues, except for special issues.

    • Candidate articles submitted for publication in the journal can be written in Turkish and English. Articles submitted to the journal must not have been previously published in another journal or sent to another journal for publication.