A Review of the Development of Solar Energy Capacity in Turkey

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  • Erşan Ömer YÜZER Hakkari University




Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Turkey


The recent energy crisis has compelled countries worldwide to focus on energy production using renewable energy sources. Consequently, renewable energy capacity has experienced significant growth, with solar energy playing a substantial role. Interest in solar energy systems is increasing day by day, leading to widespread installations of solar energy systems. Electricity generation based on solar energy, a crucial renewable energy source, has particularly witnessed substantial growth in developed countries. Turkey has emerged as one of the countries demonstrating progress in this field. As of June 2022, the solar-based installed electricity capacity in Turkey reached 8.479 MW, accounting for 8.35% of the total installed capacity. With this percentage, Turkey ranks among the top eight countries in Europe in terms of solar energy production capacity, surpassing many advanced European nations. This study examines the current status and development of solar energy capacity in Turkey, while also comparing it with other countries that have made significant strides in this area. Specifically, since 2019, there has been a rapid upward trend in solar-based electricity production, with an increase of approximately 3.5 MW. While this growth is significant in a short period, as solar energy applications for electricity generation continue to expand, countries will intensify their efforts to achieve targeted capacity increases at a faster pace.

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Erşan Ömer YÜZER, Hakkari University

Çölemerik V.H.S., Department of Electricity and Energy,  Turkey




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YÜZER, E. Ömer. (2023). A Review of the Development of Solar Energy Capacity in Turkey. International Conference on Modern and Advanced Research, 63–69. https://doi.org/10.59287/icmar.1257

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