Physical and mechanical properties of cement-based mortars reinforced with treated date palm fibres

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  • Mohammed Nadjib AZIEZ Université de Ghardaia
  • Abderraouf ACHOUR universitaire de Tipaza



Compressive Strength, Natural Fibre, Treatment, Temperature, Phoenis Dactylifera


In recent years, there has been growing interest among researchers in utilizing natural fibers as reinforcements in construction materials. This study aims to examine the impact of date palm fiber content and the combined treatment on the physical and mechanical properties of cementitious mortars reinforced with fibers. Prismatic specimens of cementitious mortar, measuring 40x40x160 mm and consisting of cement, sand, water, and fiber, were prepared with a water-cement ratio of 0.5 (W/C = 0.5). The fibers were incorporated into the cement at various mass percentages relative to the binder: 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5%, both in their raw form and after undergoing treatments (heating at 80C + 0.5% NaOH and heating at 80C + 1% NaOH). The results indicate that the compressive strength decreases as the fiber content increases. Notably, the combination of heat treatment followed by an alkaline solution of 1% NaOH demonstrates a significant positive effect on the performance of the mortar.

Author Biographies

Mohammed Nadjib AZIEZ, Université de Ghardaia

Département d’hydraulique et Génie Civil,  BP 455, 47000 Ghardaia, Algérie.

Abderraouf ACHOUR, universitaire de Tipaza

Laboratory Management and Valorization of Agricultural & Aquatic Ecosystems (LMVAAE), centre 
Ouade Merzouk, 42000 Tipaza, Algérie.




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AZIEZ, M. N., & ACHOUR, A. (2023). Physical and mechanical properties of cement-based mortars reinforced with treated date palm fibres. International Conference on Modern and Advanced Research, 126–132.

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