Rock carving in the Saharan Atlas, Laghouat, Algeria

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  • SAIHI ALALA Department of History and Geography/ Higher School of Teachers, Laghouat, Algeria



Engravings, Rock Art, Prehistoric, Rock Engraving Techniques, Saharan Atlas


The art of drawings and engravings is one of the most important elements for studying the prehistoric era - its dawn. Where it gives us a lively picture of the ways of life, habits, and social and economic conditions of the population. The topics of these inscriptions and rock drawings deal with the intellectual aspects and the collective and ducal methods of the religious peoples who implemented them. Regardless of the motives for producing the art of rock paintings, it provides us with a revolution of information and involves great historical importance.




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ALALA, S. (2023). Rock carving in the Saharan Atlas, Laghouat, Algeria. International Conference on Pioneer and Innovative Studies, 1, 34–37.

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