Composite Materials Used In Helicopter Fuselage And Ansys Analysis

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  • Hasan Hüseyin Köse Mechanical Engineering Department, Kocaeli University, Türkiye
  • Okan Gül Mechanical Engineering Department, Kocaeli University, Türkiye



Helicopter, Fuselage, Composite, Analysis, ANSYS


Composites are materials that obtained by bringing together two or more different materials in a certain ratio and appropriate circumstances to gain the desired purpose. Due to the high strength/density ratio, composites are widely used. Their low density contributes fuel economy savings in vehicles and advantageously to increase speed. Also because of their low density, military equipments such as armours, weapons can be carried with less effort. The applications of composites in defence industry are increasing. The composite materials which are used in military aircrafts such as planes, helicopters; armoured vehicles such as tanks and panzers; heavy trucks for using military transportation, bullet proof vest, weapon bodies are used more and more in different applications. In recent years, with developing technology, the role and application areas of composite materials in defence industry are increasing rapidly. The use of composite materials in helicopter fuselage, unmanned aerial vehicle, tank and aircraft armour, aircraft tail and wing components and landing field makes significant contributions to the development of the defence industry. In this study, we examined the composite materials used in the helicopter fuselage and made ANSYS analysis.

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Köse, H. H., & Gül, O. (2023). Composite Materials Used In Helicopter Fuselage And Ansys Analysis. International Conference on Pioneer and Innovative Studies, 1, 322–327.

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