eHealth and Smart Solutions framework for health monitoring in the course of the pandemic

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  • János Dávid Balogh Doctoral School of Informatics, University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • Attila Adamkó Department of Information Technology University of Debrecen, Hungary



Smart Solutions, Smart Devices, Healthcare, Architecture, Data Gathering, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Covid, Data Model


Our main objective focusing on the different design principles for applications which can receive and store various data from smart devices e.g., smart bands, smart watches, smart homes and could gain more information about its users with some extent to their health. We would like to collect this information, store them, then create well understandable diagrams and show them to the user in a modern, responsive environment. We placed great em- phasis on the architecture which holds the necessary features (scalability and extensibility). We have followed the standards, recommendations, and protocols during the design process. The result is an application framework which fulfills the duty of an XXI. century smart solutions application that could monitor the health of people and even help to live a healthier life avoiding chronic disorders e.g., obesity and/or diabetes. We focused on predicting and classifying on COVID-19 disease too according to the collected information and research results. We achieved tihs project using our own devices like a Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 whch comes integrated Tizen OS and gave the opportunity to develop a data sending application on it. On the other hand we worked with smartbands like the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 but it does not have programable OS so we needed to find a solution to collect data from it but his case is discussed in the paper later. We would like to implement this project live with the Clinic of our university to get more real cases and data. We are working on a solution where everyone could have their own medical assistant to predict and prevent healthcare issues.




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Balogh, J. D., & Adamkó, A. (2023). eHealth and Smart Solutions framework for health monitoring in the course of the pandemic. International Conference on Pioneer and Innovative Studies, 1, 406–411.

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