Recent Advances in Cochlear Implant Technology: Past, Now and Future Directions

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  • Enver Salkim Mus Alparslan University



Cochlea Implant, Hearing Loss, Optical Communication, Robotic Guided System


The hearing loss occurred due to damage in the inner cochlea layer. The cochlear implant (CI) technology is an invasive neuromodulator that provides substantial auditory perception to those with severe or profound impaired hearing. There are significant improvements in CIs technology using various systems including robotic and optical communication systems. In this study, the evolution of the CIs was summarized and new technologies that are alternatively considered were highlighted. It was suggested that the development of cochlear implant technology has gone through a complicated process. Although many scientists from various disciplines have made joint efforts and achieved success, there are still many problems to be further studied to develop an optimal CIs system for people who suffer from hearing loss.

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Enver Salkim, Mus Alparslan University

Department of Electronic and Automation,  Mus, Turkey

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (UCL), Torrington Place, London WC1E




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