Sustainable Supply Chain Management in terms of Innovative Approach: Evaluation in an Enterprise in the Fashion Industry

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  • Ayşenur Erdil Istanbul Medeniyet University



Enterprise, Innovative Approach, Sustainable Supply Chain Management


With globalization, the market area has expanded in the garment industry as in all sectors. While all brands that want to benefit from this situation open up to the world, this situation brings competition to the forefront. Companies need to have some features to differentiate from their competitors. Factors such as speed, accurate determination of customer needs and demands, and quality product delivery are distinguishing features for the company to differentiate from its competitors. The supply chain covers the entire process from the moment the product is produced until it reaches the end consumer. The supply chain, in the simplest terms, is the delivery of the product or service by the producer of the product or service to the consumer. Because the supply chain is so important, companies are constantly trying to bring innovations and improvements in this regard. Sustainable supply chain includes instant notification of information about the product to everyone at every stage and strengthening communication between supply chain elements in order to maintain the integrity of all components in the supply chain. Sustainable supply chain management in its innovative approach, innovative supply chain management is evaluated within the scope of an enterprise operating in the fashion industry for a ready-towear enterprise in the Marmara Region and solution suggestions are presented. For the purpose of the study, the design, production, supply, distribution, sales and feedback processes of the enterprise within the scope of innovative sustainable supply chain are evaluated. SWOT and quality management equipment are planned to be used as tools in the evaluation process. As a result of the evaluation, it is aimed to identify the problems in the sustainable supply chain and to find the reasons for these problems and to offer solutions to the problems.

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Ayşenur Erdil, Istanbul Medeniyet University

Department of Business Administration, Turkey




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Erdil, A. (2023). Sustainable Supply Chain Management in terms of Innovative Approach: Evaluation in an Enterprise in the Fashion Industry. International Conference on Recent and Innovative Results in Engineering and Technology, 175–181.