The right way to preach Islam the Albanian Case

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  • Hysni Skura Bedër University, Department of Islamic Sciences



Islam, Religion, Faith


Religion can be defined as a set of rules and principles sent by God to guide mankind to happiness in this world and the next. Religion enables people to apply high values that are hidden in their nature in order to experience a unique enlightenment. Ideas that do not conform to religion in some ways are obviously one-dimensional and reduce the capacity to explain existence as a whole. A religion, on the other hand, that does not produce results that enable man to become smarter leads to the loss of life values rather than the desired goal, namely the opening and overcoming of people's horizons.1 According to the well-known Islamic scholar Imam Ash-Shatibij2 , the basic pillar of the religion is the benefit of this life and the next. Therefore, the preservation of faith, life, wealth, offspring and mind are the main objectives of religion.3 With the advent of mass media and transportation, the world has become a large "village". In such an environment, it is done easy to influence people, relying on the power and importance of the media. Given this fact, unfortunately, in many parts of the world, there have recently been attempts to portray Islam as a religion of terror. So, in the face of such a situation it is the duty of every Muslim preacher to communicate the truth and inform his audience (congregation) about the truths of Islam.




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