Data Analysis for Smart Grid and Communication Technologies

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  • Hüseyin ERÇİK Graduate School of Energy Science and Technologies, Sirnak University, 73000, Sirnak, Türkiye
  • Mahmut DİRİK Department of Computer Engineering, Sirnak University, Şirnak, 73000, Türkiye



Communication Technologies, Data Analysis, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids


Smart grids and communication technologies are among the significant advancements in the energy sector. These technologies improve energy efficiency by increasing the use of renewable energy sources. However, the integration of these technologies also creates a vast amount of data that requires analysis to optimize energy management and improve system performance. In this context, data analysis plays a crucial role in identifying patterns, predicting energy demand, and managing energy supply. This paper provides an overview of the importance of data analysis in smart grids and communication technologies and discusses various data analysis techniques used in energy management systems. Additionally, it highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with data analysis in the context of smart grids and communication technologies.




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ERÇİK, H., & DİRİK, M. (2023). Data Analysis for Smart Grid and Communication Technologies. International Conference on Scientific and Innovative Studies, 1(1), 331–342.