Extreme Weather Events: The Impact of Flooding on Transportation Network: Case Study of Buyukcekmece Basin

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  • Seyhan Özçelik Geographic Information Technologies /Informatics Institute, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Himmet Karaman Departmant of Geomatics Engineering /Faculty of Civil Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey




Flood Hazard, Hydrological And Hydrodynamic Modelling, GIS, Inundation Map, Transportation Infrastructure


Transportation is a critical sector which is vulnerable to hazardous events like urban floods. The disruption in transportation infrastructure affects the whole community in terms of loss of life and property. A resilient transport system is fundamental for resilient communities, and considering the adverse impacts of climate change, it becomes even more important. The Büyükçekmece Basin is a densely populated and economically significant area that also includes regions of natural importance requiring preservation. Thus, a flood hazard can affect more people, cause greater monetary losses and have negative impact on the environment and nature. The purpose of this research is to present the disruption of road network in Büyükçekmece Basin due to flooding and create an analytical framework. Vulnerability of road systems to rainfall-induced floods is quantified by integrating different models. An integrated framework linking hydrological model and inundation model is established and the relation between flood depth and road network vulnerability is determined. Flood hazard maps are created for two different rainfall events with 1 in 50 year and 1 in 100- year return period and flooded road lengths are determined. The flood levels have shown that there are road segments that will face moderate and major flooding. In Büyükçekmece Basin where serious floods have occurred in the past, measures need to be taken regarding the road network for possible flood risks.




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Özçelik, S., & Karaman, H. (2023). Extreme Weather Events: The Impact of Flooding on Transportation Network: Case Study of Buyukcekmece Basin. International Conference on Scientific and Innovative Studies, 1(1), 392–396. https://doi.org/10.59287/icsis.631