Simulation and Experimental Development of 100 kV Impulse Voltage Generator

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  • Cihat Cagdas Uydur Technical Sciences Vocational School, Trakya University, Turkey



Circuit Design, High Voltage Tests, Impulse Voltage Generator, Modelling


The disruptive effects on energy transmission and distribution systems are caused by transient voltage increases that affect the grid in natural or indirect ways. The most important of these are lightning impulse voltages that occur in nature and switching impulse voltages caused by opening and closing operations in the grid. The design of power systems is done to minimize the effects of these types of transient voltages. However, unpredictable excessive voltage magnitudes or insulation weaknesses of equipment in the system can still cause serious damage to the entire system. Therefore, the design of equipment used in power systems is carried out in accordance with the concept and standards of insulation coordination, and the equipment produced is tested in laboratory conditions according to the excessive voltages that can occur in the grid before being used in the grid. In this study, the lightning impulse generator located in High Voltage Laboratory at Yildiz Technical University has been reviewed and developed for its intended use. Changes have been made in the structure of the impulse voltage generator so that 100 kV lightning impulse generator can apply lightning impulse voltage consecutively every 15 seconds. The values of the required circuit elements were recalculated and tested with a simulation study using MATLAB/Simulink software program. By creating circuit parameters whose suitability was verified by calculated and simulation studies, a lightning impulse generator was developed in the laboratory environment. The modified impulse voltage generator was experimentally tested on different samples. As a result, the theoretical findings obtained from the simulation study were also experimentally confirmed.


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