Design and Analysis of Various Type of Volumetric Modular Steel Structure and Connections

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  • Ahmet ORAK Civil Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey
  • Gökhan ŞAKAR Civil Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey



Volumetric Modular Steel Building, Modular Steel Structure Connection


Within the scope of this report, modular steel structures have been designed in four different geometric shapes, and their structural static and dynamic analyses have been conducted. Each presented structure is designed with distinct geometric shapes and properties. The structures presented in the report resemble conventional buildings but are conceived and modeled with an optimistic perspective, entirely factory-finished volumetric modular structures, and are free from human factors. The connections between modules in this report, weren’t made patented steel connections from other companies. Instead, two different connection elements that eliminate the use of bolts and welding on-site have been designed to facilitate the assembly between modules. Local buckling, load-carrying capacity, and stress analyses of these connections have also been performed, with deformation values being kept below the specified limits. Some analyses were carried out manually, while others were performed using software such as SAP2000, IDEA Statica, SolidWorks, and Fusion. Architectural drawings, plans, and manufacturing details were created using Revit (2021) and Fusion. Renders were produced using Twinmotion, and architectural and engineering sheets were generated using Photoshop (2021). Other supplementary components were created using AutoCAD, Excel, and Word. Based on the obtained results, a cost analysis was conducted to determine the cost advantages of the optimal design. In addition to costs, comparisons were made and presented regarding weight and feasibility among the structures. The study aimed to explore the various forms in which factory-finished volumetric modular structures could be realized and understand their behavior under static and dynamic loads with different connections. The collected data and findings have been shared.


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ORAK, A., & ŞAKAR, G. (2023). Design and Analysis of Various Type of Volumetric Modular Steel Structure and Connections. International Conference on Innovative Academic Studies, 3(1), 335–347.

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