A New Image Encryption Algorithm

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  • Fırat Artuğer Department of Computer Engineering / Faculty of Engineering, Munzur University, Turkey


Image encryption, s-box, chaotic map, zig-zag scanning, XOR


With today's developing technologies, the need for new image encryption algorithms is increasing. Image encryption algorithms based on S-box and chaotic structures are a very popular topic. In this study, a new image encryption algorithm is proposed using different s-box structures. In the proposed method, an s-box is first obtained by using a chaotic map. Then, zig-zag scanning method is applied to this s-box structure and a new s-box is obtained. With the new s-box obtained, XOR operation is applied to the first 256 pixels from the image. This data obtained later is mixed by passing through the s-box structure created with the chaotic map at the beginning. In this way, the encryption process is completed when all blocks of the image are processed.




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