Global Trends for Fibre Production and Marketing

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  • Erhan Kenan ÇEVEN Department of Textile Engineering / Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Bursa Uludağ University, Turkey
  • Gizem KARAKAN GÜNAYDIN Fashion and Design Programme, Buldan Vocational School, Pamukkale University, Turkey


Natural Fiber, Synthetic Fiber, Recycled Fiber


Textile consumers’ fiber preference varies owing to environmental, social, and economic impacts every year. The world population has increased and because of this, new ways for a sustainable textile production have been more focused. The requirement of more responsible utilization of world resources has become more aware in recent years. Due to the restriction of energy sources among the world; There should be a transition from fossil-based fibers to preferred sources. Hence new variations such as recycled ,biobased fibers are more considered with a sustainable manner. This study generally gives a general information about the latest preferred fibre types and the main fibre production strategies considering the low consumption of natural sources.




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