Seeking the Possibilities of the Metaverse Platforms for the Architects and Designers

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  • Ekrem Bahadır Çalışkan Architecture/Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Turkey


Metaverse, 3D modeling, Architect's works, Virtual world creation, Virtual activities


Virtual worlds and experiences have come in front in the last decades with 3D visualization and programming development. Various companies and startups have projects and release to be part of this transformation, metaverse. Several possibilities exist for developing and using virtual worlds, such as designing digital assets, device production, trade, coding, space creation, documentation, establishing principles, security, advertisement, and real estate. Professionals from diverse occupations are asked to be part of the developer team due to their skills and abilities. Since the metaverse platforms have originated and developed in computer-processable mediums, coders and programmers have taken the lead. Virtual spaces and buildings are an important part of the creation of virtual worlds of which building design activities need to be part. This research is a premise study for seeking possibilities of activities and works that architects or 3D space and building designer handle. In order to explore the components of the metaverse world, an extensive web survey was done among released platforms. They were evaluated in four dimensions: real estate, space creation and modification capability, and event activities. Brief literature is also conducted about metaverse and contemporary situations.




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