A view on barrier abnormalities in Schottky junctions

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  • Murat Gülnahar Department of Electric, Vocational School, Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, 24200, Erzincan, Turkey
  • Yasemin Beyza GÜLNAHAR Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Gazi University, 06560, Ankara, Turkey


Schottky Diodes, Barrier Anomalies, Gaussian Distribution, Potential Fluctuations Model, Standard Deviation


Potential distribution of the Schottky junctions allows the potential fluctuations model to be reinspected depending on the temperature. In this work, the barrier anomalies are re-discussed in basis of the potential fluctuations model and is proposed a new approach of which predicts that there should be distinct barrier distribution for each one temperature in barrier. In addition, the potential structure of the junction predicts that the standard deviation values of the barrier should demonstrate a general temperature dependence. In these conditions, the thermoionic emission equation may be interpreted again. The theoretical results are performed successfully and it is obtained to the temperature dependence variations of the standard deviation and barrier height values at V=0 V. In consequence, it has been seen that the new approach may be applied succesfully to current-voltage data, and the results have enabled that the behaviors of the barrier anomalities in Schottky junctions are interpreted again




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Gülnahar, M., & GÜLNAHAR, Y. B. (2023). A view on barrier abnormalities in Schottky junctions. International Conference on Trends in Advanced Research, 1, 79–84. Retrieved from https://as-proceeding.com/index.php/ictar/article/view/186