Convergence in Divergence: Do Divorce Rates Converge Across Türkiye’s Provinces?

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  • Kadir Karagöz Manisa Celal Bayar University, FEAS, Türkiye


Divorce, Convergence Analysis, Turkey


Social and economic factors affecting divorce in Türkiye have been investigated in many empirical studies, and the subject has been analyzed using macro and micro scale data. In the related literature, it is stated that there is a general upward trend in divorce cases in Türkiye, although there are differences by province. At this point, it becomes important whether there is convergence or convergence in divorce rates by province. Convergence indicates that units tend to meet at a certain common level and exhibit a homogeneous structure by displaying similar behavior patterns over time. Considering the claims that regional/local differences have gradually lost their importance and weight, and a common socialcultural structure has become widespread in Türkiye as in the rest of the world in recent years, it can be expected that the similarity in divorce trends will increase. The answer to this question is being investigated in the current study. The findings obtained by the club convergence method reveal that there is no overall convergence, although there is a clustering in terms of divorce rates at the provincial level in Türkiye. This result points to the determining effect of local characteristics on divorce decisions in Türkiye. From this point of view, it can be said that it is important to take local characteristics into account in the policies to be created to reduce divorce rates, and not to ignore the effect of the general upward trend.




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