Financial Innovation and Banking Product Evolution: Potential Trends and Risks

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  • Thameur Oussama Mohamed Boudiaf University-M'sila



Financial Innovation in Banks, Developing Banking Products, Financial Security Challenges, The Sector is Banking


This study aimed to analyze the impact of financial innovation and the development of banking products on the banking sector and the economy in general. Research methodologies based on literature review and previous studies in this field were used. Key findings suggest that financial innovation plays a crucial role in improving banking services, facilitating access to financial services and improving customer experience. Innovative banking products enable customers to access advanced and more efficient banking services. However, security challenges emerge as a vital complement to financial innovation. Banks must consider strengthening security strategies and effectively forecasting the financial risks associated with it, as well as constant attention to cyber security and ways to deal with electronic threats. The conclusions of this research indicate that financial innovation is crucial for the banking sector in the era of digital technology in light of great global competition, and that significant benefits and returns can be achieved from it. In this context, banks must develop sustainable strategies that ensure security and compliance with regulations in this rapidly changing context.


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Author Biography

Thameur Oussama, Mohamed Boudiaf University-M'sila

Department of Finance and Accounting/ Laboratory of strategies and economic policies in Algeria, Algeria


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