Intelligent Transportation Systems for Sustainable Urban Environments

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  • Melik Sami University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider
  • Khelil Sara University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider



Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sustainable Urban Environments, Urban Mobility, Energy Efficiency, Smart Transportation


Urbanization has intensified transportation challenges across the globe, with cities grappling with issues from escalating congestion to mounting pollution levels. This article delves deeply into the role and potential of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in crafting a pathway towards sustainable urban development. ITS, characterized by its amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and data-centric methodologies, offers cities a viable solution to refine their transportation paradigms. By analyzing diverse global case studies, this article showcases how ITS has been pivotal in transforming urban mobility landscapes, pinpointing its role in alleviating traffic congestion, minimizing fuel wastage, and substantially curbing harmful emissions. These systems, when tailored to a city's unique needs, bring forth tangible benefits that directly enhance residents' quality of life, while indirectly boosting a city's economic growth through optimized transportation. However, the journey to successful ITS integration is not without its hurdles. The article sheds light on the intertwining difficulties surrounding its adoption, necessitating substantial infrastructure expenditure while also demanding resolution of data privacy and security issues alongside navigating the complexities of societal viewpoints and consent. In conclusion, while the potential of ITS is vast, its successful deployment necessitates a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. Those involved with policy, urban design, research and technology must engage together thoroughly to guarantee infrastructure accommodates integrated transportation systems smoothly and productively. These coordinated efforts will prove vital not solely in remaking transportation infrastructure but in cultivating urban settings for generations to come that are more sustainable, livable, and able to withstand challenging times.


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Author Biographies

Melik Sami, University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, LaCoMoFa Laboratory Biskra,, Algeria.

Khelil Sara, University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, LaCoMoFa Laboratory Biskra,,Algeria.


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