Beyond Noise Reduction: Designing for Positive Acoustic Experiences in Cities

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  • Melik Sami University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider
  • Khelil Sara University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider



Acoustic Comfort, Urban Well-Being, Auditory Environment, Urban Soundscapes, Noise Pollution.


Noise pollution in modern urban settings poses a substantial threat, far exceeding a basic annoyance as it undermines the overall wellness and standard of living experienced by those residing in metropolitan areas. Traditional mitigation strategies have often been narrowly focused on the reduction of noise levels. However, this perspective misses a crucial aspect: the broader need to design urban spaces that provide enriching and positive acoustic experiences. This article delves deeply into the intricate dimensions of soundscapes within urban contexts. Through a comprehensive exploration of varied global case studies, we showcase innovative urban design interventions that effectively balance noise control with the enhancement of the broader auditory environment. These interventions encompass a wide array of strategies, from the incorporation of natural elements such as parks and water features, which contribute both visual beauty and auditory calm, to the utilization of advanced sound-absorbing materials and architectural techniques. Furthermore, we highlight the emerging trend of creating designated quiet zones within bustling city centers, providing residents with pockets of tranquility amidst urban chaos. Through a comprehensive analysis and aggregation of the available evidence, our study strongly highlights the indispensable necessity for city architects, lawmakers, and builders to adopt a more encompassing and cooperative method regarding acoustic planning within urban environments. Such an approach should not only prioritize noise reduction but also recognize and amplify the potential of sound as a foundational and enriching component of urban life. Through this, cities can evolve into spaces that minimize auditory disturbances and actively enhance the well-being of their residents by providing positive acoustic experiences.


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Author Biographies

Melik Sami, University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, LaCoMoFa Laboratory Biskra,,Algeria

Khelil Sara, University of Biskra -Mohamed Khider

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, LaCoMoFa Laboratory Biskra,,Algeria.


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