Identifying of potential advantages and disadvantages of the presence of residential construction in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort Saint Saint Constantine and Helena

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  • Stefan Ivanov University of Economics – Varna



Tourism, Advantages, Disadvantages, Residential Construction, Resort


There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of having residential construction in the otherwise Black Sea tourist resort Saint Saint Contantine and Helena. On one hand, some of the advantages are the improvement of the infrastructure, economic growth, variety of accommodation, improvement of services, increase of property cost and improvement of the standart of living. On the other hand, there are major disadvantages such as the risk of overcrowding, the disturbing of the landscapes, deterioration of the beaches, cultural changes and division and inequity between people due to the high prices of the real estate in the resort. The following article aims to examine some potential advantages and disadvantages and give recommendation on how to improve the current state of the resort and achieve sustainable development. The methods of analysis used are observation, investigation, comparison and personal expert assessment. On this basis we made the conclusions and recommendations in this article.


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Author Biography

Stefan Ivanov, University of Economics – Varna

Economics and Management (Construction and Real Estate), Bulgaria


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