Impacts Static Inverters on the Performance of UPFC Systems

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  • Leila Boukarana University of M'Hamed Bougara
  • Sid Ali Fellag University of M'Hamed Bougara
  • Idir Habi University of M'Hamed Bougara


Compensation, Electronics of Power, Reactive Power, FACTS, Electrical Supply Networks


Recent developments in power grids have made it increasingly difficult to ensure reliable control of energy transfers in highly interconnected networks using traditional low-speed response devices such as phase shifters, shunt or series compensators. As a result, there have been recent studies on a new generation of 'FACTS' control devices that utilize new controllable components for both opening and closing. This article presents the contribution of the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) to improve the control of active and reactive power transmission in an electrical network. The study focuses on increasing and controlling power flow, followed by the presentation of simulation results in the Matlab/Simulink environment.


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Author Biographies

Leila Boukarana, University of M'Hamed Bougara

Faculty of Hydrocarbons and Chemistry, Boumerdes.

Sid Ali Fellag, University of M'Hamed Bougara

Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Boumerdes

Idir Habi, University of M'Hamed Bougara

LREEI, (Research Laboratory on the Electrification of Industrial Companies) at the Faculty of Hydrocarbons and Chemistry, Boumerdes.


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