Photogrammetry Through the Luma AI Application and the Possibilities of its Use in Education

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  • Gergely Kocsis J. Selye University
  • Ondrej Takáč J. Selye University


artificial intelligence, luma ai, photogrammetry, education, 3D models


This document presents and analyses the user experience and functionality of the Luma AI
application, with a specific focus on its photogrammetry capabilities. The application is accessible across
multiple platforms including the Apple App Store, Google Play, and it has a website as well. Through the
procedure of object scanning using common devices available to everyone - like an iPad or a cell phone,
the document provides a detailed walkthrough of the scanning process, guiding the reader step-by-step
through a real-world scanning scenario.
By analyzing the challenges and limitations encountered during the scanning and rendering procedure, the
document offers critical insights into the efficiency and usability of Luma AI. From the firsthand experience
gained during scanning sessions, this document identifies potential areas for improvement and highlights
any inherent drawbacks in the application's functionality.
Furthermore, the document explores the educational implications of Luma AI's capabilities. By leveraging
its photogrammetry features powered by AI, the application presents interesting possibilities for integration
into educational settings, like constructing interactive learning experiences to enable virtual object
exploration. The potential of Luma AI in education is examined and discussed in detail.
Through a combination of practical experimentation and theoretical analysis, this document provides a
comprehensive overview of Luma AI's capabilities focused on photogrammetry, showcasing its potential
as a tool for object scanning and as an asset in education as well.


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Author Biographies

Gergely Kocsis, J. Selye University

Department of Informatics, Slovakia, EU

Ondrej Takáč, J. Selye University

Department of Informatics, Slovakia, EU


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