Effects of Rotational Speed/Traverse Speed Ratio on AA2024 Alloy Microstructure and Macrostructure in Friction Stir Processing

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  • Aykut Batinli Dokuz Eylul Universitesi
  • Fatih Kahraman BOSCH Home Comfort Group


Friction Stir Processing, AA2024, SiC particles, Microstructure, Macrostructure, Microhardness


In this study, the effects of rotational speed/traverse speed on microhardness, macrostructure
and microstructure of AA2024 material subjected to friction stir processing were examined. The
experimental approach involves drilling the samples, filling them with SiC particles, and changing FSP
process parameters such as rotational speed and traverse speed in a controlled manner. The processed
samples were then subjected to macrostructural and microstructural examinations, as well as Vickers
microhardness tests. The highest microhardness value was observed as 120 HV for 33.33 rotational
speed/traverse speed ratio. The macrostructural analysis and microhardness analysis showed that the ratio
does not have effect on the stir zone widths. Microstructural analysis demonstrated variations in the size
and distribution of SiC particles, indicating potential influences of the FSP process and the rotational
speed/traverse speed ratio on the microstructural characteristics of the processed material. It showed that as
the W/V ratio increases the homogeneity of the particle distribution decreases. These findings highlight the
importance of considering the W/V ratio in FSP and the need for further research to fully understand its
potential effects on the microstructural and macrostructural properties of processed materials. This study
provides valuable information on the friction stir processing of AA2024 alloy, which has important
applications in materials engineering and manufacturing industries.


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Author Biographies

Aykut Batinli, Dokuz Eylul Universitesi

Muhendislik Fakultesi, Makina Muhendisligi Bolumu, Izmir/TURKIYE

Fatih Kahraman, BOSCH Home Comfort Group



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