Importance of meat packing

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  • Darko Veljanovski
  • Blagojce Najdovski


packing, meat, safety, healty food


The meat industry is an important sector of the food industry in the world and is in first place
among several ranked agricultural and livestock products such as milk, wheat, corn, rice, but the industry
in the Republic of North Macedonia is not so developed due to economic conditions. Both animal husbandry
and meat production in the industry have a great socio-economic importance in the country. Apart from the
production of meat and meat products, storage is also important, and above all of permanent and semipermanent meat products.
The meat and meat processing industry is constantly growing, but the production is not for that
industry, indeed the meat habits, lifestyles of the population are changing, quality awareness and changing
food habits and hence there is a market for scientifically produced meat products. There is also a demand
for processed, packaged and ready-to-eat or ready-to-serve meat products that require minimal preparation.
Meat and meat products are classified as fresh meat, frozen meat, dry meat, thermally processed meat and
dehydrated meat products. Packaging requirements may vary in terms of the requirements that packaging
must meet for the product itself. In any case, fresh, frozen or dehydrated meat cannot and must not be kept
in the same way, much less be kept and stored in the same conditions. Each product must be stored
according to the conditions of protection.


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Author Biographies

Darko Veljanovski

Faculty of Biotechical sciences, St.Clement Ohridski Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia

Blagojce Najdovski

Faculty of Biotechical sciences, St.Clement Ohridski Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia


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