Optical and Electrical Properties of NiO Thin Films Deposited by DC Sputtering Technique

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  • İlker Fatih GÜNGÖR Karadeniz Technical University
  • Abdullah ÜZÜM Karadeniz Technical University


Nickel oxide, Thin Film, Direct current sputtering, Electrical properties, Optical properties


In this study, Nickel Oxide (NiO) thin films were deposited on silicon and glass substrates
with different thicknesses by parameter optimization using the direct current (DC) sputtering technique.
The deposited NiO thin films were annealed for 30 min at different temperatures ranging from 30C to
330C. After annealing, the optical and electrical properties of NiO thin films were examined.
Characterizations were mainly carried out by ultraviolet–visible (UV/Vis) Spectrometer and four-point
probe (FPP) measurements. The minimum surface reflectance of 50 nm NiO film coated silicon substrate,
annealed at 135C for 30 min was 2.0% (at 550 nm) and the average surface reflectance was measured as
10.21% on the sample with 20 nm NiO thin film on the surface, annealed at 30C. In case of FFP
measurements, the minimum resistivity was measured as 0.01 ohmm when the thickness of NiO was 10 nm
and annealed at 30C. The maximum resistivity was observed as 4.19 ohmm on the 70 nm of NiO coated
glass and annealed at 330C for 30 min.


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Author Biographies

İlker Fatih GÜNGÖR, Karadeniz Technical University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Türkiye

Abdullah ÜZÜM, Karadeniz Technical University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Türkiye

Department of Renewable Energy Sources/Technologies, Karadeniz Technical University, Türkiye


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