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  • Angela MUNTEANU Technical University of Moldova
  • Tatiana FILIPSKI Technical University of Moldova


sustainability, eco design, recycled materials


The article presents a theoretical-practical study that succinctly exposes and analyzes some
researchers' views in the targeted field, reflecting the importance and possibilities of contemporary
university education for sustainability. It specifies state policies for promoting a healthy and safe
environment and proposes pedagogical strategies for enhancing environmental education or ecological and
sustainability education for architecture and design students. Additionally, it presents educational activities
carried out in both formal and non-formal contexts, contributing to the development of scientific and
professional thinking of architecture and design students, fostering respect for environmental protection
through concept projects aimed at reducing excessive human consumerism. Furthermore, it highlights the
role of ecological education in developing creativity, aesthetic taste, moral qualities, and the affectiveemotional sphere in the process of planning and executing planned actions. The influence of teaching and
educational experience on the selection of recycled materials used for creating furniture and lighting
fixtures is elucidated; in the research and presentation of these within theoretical-practical seminars.
Recommendations are offered to optimize the ecological education of architecture and design students to
achieve ecological literacy among future specialists who will develop sustainable and durable works. The
students' creations vary in composition, form, size, color range, and functionality.


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Author Biographies

Angela MUNTEANU, Technical University of Moldova

Department of Architecture, 

Tatiana FILIPSKI, Technical University of Moldova

Department of Urbanism and Urban Design, 


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