Understanding Homelessness in Malaysia: Effects and Solutions

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  • Edwin Michael Universiti Tunku
  • Teh Boon Teck Universiti Tunku




Homelessness, Malaysia, Effects, Solutions


Homelessness is an emotive term that conjures up images of people sleeping on the side of the road, collecting food, and being dangerous and dirty. Aside from these negative stereotypes, there is no clear understanding of the homeless and their situation. We've all seen homeless people, whether they're begging for alms in the market, sleeping on the sidewalk, or knocking on car windows for money. Their presence may elicit mixed emotions, but once they are out of sight, we forget about them. The presence of homeless people in Malaysia, or at least in Kuala Lumpur, has become a habit in the city's poor areas. If they do not make any noise, we are unaware of their presence. The group has recently attracted the attention of authorities and non-governmental organizations. There is no recent data on the homeless population in Malaysia, but it can be assumed that this number is growing due to the ongoing pandemic. There has clearly been a lack of research on this homeless population. Due to a lack of data, the Department of Statistics Malaysia stated that it was difficult to present the number of homeless people through the census in 2010. This paper examines the impact of homeless people on the country and the government's response to it.


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Author Biographies

Edwin Michael, Universiti Tunku

Department of Journalism, Abdul Rahman Kampar Campus, Malaysia

Teh Boon Teck, Universiti Tunku

Department of Journalism, Abdul Rahman Kampar Campus, Malaysia


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