BLDC Motor Controller Design For Light Cars Aiming Safety Driving

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  • Göktürk Koçaş Konya Technical University
  • Bayram Akdemir Konya Technical University



EV Safety Measures, BLDC, PWM Control in EVS, Powertrain Optimization, Motor Driver for EVs


This study investigates the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal management techniques used in electric vehicles and how battery heat control is performed. It discusses how the application of the gas pedal, gear changes, and simultaneous pressing of gas-brake pedals prevent accidental movement of the vehicle in certain scenarios. Additionally, it evaluates the impact of battery management and heat control on the safety of the vehicle. The reviews and conclusions carried out have the potential to improve vehicle safety and battery life.

Author Biographies

Göktürk Koçaş, Konya Technical University

Electrical and Electronics Dep. /Engineering and Nature Science Faculty, Konya, TURKEY

Bayram Akdemir , Konya Technical University

Electrical and Electronics Dep. /Engineering and Nature Science Faculty, Konya, TURKEY


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