Voltage Sag Mitigation Using DTATCOM

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  • Atta ur Rehman University of Engineering and Technology
  • Imtiaz Ahmad National Power Control Center Islamabad Npcc




DSTATCOM, Power Quality, Adjustable Speed Drives, Programmable Logic Controller, PIC Microcontroller


Voltage sag is the most important power quality problems faced by many industries and utilities. In developing countries like India, in distribution network due to increasing number of nonlinear loads that injects harmonics in the system results in various types of power quality problems. Thus, for overcoming reactive power burden and to lessen power quality issues such as voltage dip, voltage swell and flicker as well as adverse harmful effects being caused by various types of load, it becomes crucial to take positive steps in this direction. For this different types of FACTS devices can be used such as SVC, DVR, TCSC, STATCOM, UPFC, and DSTATCOM. This paper discusses the detrimental effects of excessive reactive power consumption by maximum AC loads on power quality within a power system. To address this issue, compensating devices like DSTATCOM are introduced. These devices are designed to effectively manage the flow of reactive power in distribution system. This paper provides a comprehensive background on compensating devices and their power electronic applications, along with a detailed analysis of DSTATCOM modeling for effective compensation. This paper extensively covers the modeling and simulation of diverse control strategies in MATLAB Simulink with the assistance of simpower systems toolboxes. The primary focus is on DSTATCOM and its performance is rigorously analyzed under varying load condition, including resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads.


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Author Biographies

Atta ur Rehman, University of Engineering and Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering,  Mardan 23200, Pakistan

Imtiaz Ahmad, National Power Control Center Islamabad Npcc



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