A Review of AI-Based Approaches against Wormhole and Blackhole Attacks in AODV Protocol

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  • Zainab Bashar Ibrahim University of Mosul
  • Mayada Faris Ghanim University of Mosul


MANET, AODV, AI, Blackhole, Wormhole


A Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) is a wirelessly linked network of one or more devices that
can configure itself. In a MANET, nodes can exchange data with one another directly or indirectly (via
intermediary nodes). Because of the lack of central administration, open media, and several other reasons
that make this type of network more vulnerable to security assaults, some researchers are utilizing artificial
intelligence approaches in MANET routing to offer security. Several network layer attacks, including the
black hole, and wormhole assaults, are covered in this essay. The detection of collaborative network assaults
is examined, and frequent multiple network attacks are noted. A few of these assaults' symptoms will be
emphasized. A network might exhibit a number of signs and observations that indicate the existence of an
attack. The review calls for continued research to refine and deploy AI-based security mechanisms in realworld scenarios, addressing scalability concerns and advancing the vision of self-defending MANETs and
wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The review serves as a resource for researchers, practitioners, and
policymakers interested in fortifying the security of dynamic wireless networks.


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Author Biographies

Zainab Bashar Ibrahim, University of Mosul

Computer Engineering Department/Network Security, Iraq

Mayada Faris Ghanim, University of Mosul

Computer Engineering Department/Network Security, Iraq


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