Control of Three-Phase Dimmer using Xilinx System Generator

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  • Chafa Mohamed Constantine1 University
  • Messaoudi Kamel Souk-Ahras University
  • Louze Lamri Constantine1 University



Dimmer, PWM Control, System Generator, Asynchronous Machine


Dimmers are alternative converters used to make dimmers for some devices running on the network, as well as in many industrial processes, in this work, the PWM control was presented for a three-phase dimmer associated with an asynchronous machine, first the Matlab/Simulink software was used and then the control was carried out using the Xilinx System Generator tool, the results obtained are comparable for the two implementation software have shown the operation of the dimmer as a starter for the asynchronous machine.


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Author Biographies

Chafa Mohamed , Constantine1 University

Electric engineering department, LEC Laboratory, Algeria

Messaoudi Kamel , Souk-Ahras University

Electric engineering department, LEER Laboratory, Algeria

Louze Lamri, Constantine1 University

Electric engineering department, LEC Laboratory, Algeria


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Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator UG948 (v2020.2) December 11, 2020




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Mohamed , C., Kamel , M., & Lamri, L. (2023). Control of Three-Phase Dimmer using Xilinx System Generator. International Journal of Advanced Natural Sciences and Engineering Researches, 7(4), 6–10.

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