An overview of the mechanical characterizations and applications of chopped fiber reinforced composites

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  • Sakine KIRATLI Çankırı Karatekin University



Chopped Fiber, Polymer Matrix, Mechanical Characterization, Processing, Application


Composite materials are widely used in many industries due to their basic properties such as high strength, high rigidity, and lightness. However, composites with desired properties differ in each sector. Fiber reinforcement and matrix selection vary depending on application requirements. Composites consisting of reinforcement and matrix elements are classified according to these elements. Chopped fiber reinforced composites, which are included in the classification depending on the reinforcement element, have a wide range of applications. Apart from lightness, it has many advantages, such as high strength, high rigidity, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ease of production. Their lower cost of production compared to other composites makes them attractive. It is very important to make various characterizations of these composites in order to improve their properties and expand their use in the places where they are used. Researchers have done many studies on this subject. In this article, a review of the studies is presented. Various mechanical and thermal tests and their results were examined. Different internal structure observations are handled with analysis methods. In addition, the application of chopped fiber reinforced composites is detailed. Suggestions were made for the problems limiting the use of these materials.

Author Biography

Sakine KIRATLI, Çankırı Karatekin University

Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering, Türkiye


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